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Food & Fire

During my studies I was always attracted to cook on raw fire,

and eventually that led me to my final project “Ember”.

The objects here are part of the research process :


1# Extrude Food –  looking for new ways of experiencing outdoor cooking in the city. The way it works is by filling in the steel pipes with ingredients, insert them into the oven , and when it's ready pull one pipe with the gun, lock it, and extrude the food into your plate.


2#  Fire container – short exercise for myself before the dead sea seminar that our department do every year,

fast model for checking behavior and interaction.


3#  Grill net made from a Fan – the grill net is separate to slices so you can choose to assemble as many slices as you need. place for the veggie next to the pots.   

Emergency kitchen – made as part of course on Natural Disaster. One of the biggest problem in the 3rd world is the lack of clean water. So I developed a way of boiling water on the same fire that use for cooking. Using a cone shaped container that optimize the surface that in touch with the fire , making it more efficient and faster process. In the exit hole i installed a nozzle that increase that pressure in the container and increase the boiling temperature and make the water even safer. On top of the device is the cooking area ,with place for the pot and two small working surfaces. the device is built from three metal sheets , so it efficient in storage place.     

check my final project

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