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"Off Beat"
alternative use of public spaces

Teams studio, done with Benny Zilberman and Tali Leventhal. the subject of the course was furniture . we wanted to explore the limits of the definition, to search the real value of a design student, what is his role in society. We wanted to explore different ideas and their application. we wanted to do real thing not models, in the public space we wanted to take out to the people and see the interaction that evolve . the main idea was to make to public space more interesting and inviting.  In this way give people a chance to interact with each other and in this way generate a positive change in society.


We made tree projects every one was incharge on one:

Mine: a concrete amplifier for smartphone that attached to a bunch that function also as comfort utility surface.

Benny's: two wooden hammock, comfortable and durable . one was placed in front of the employment office in Jaffa st' in Jerusalem , and the other one in beautiful spot next to the old city .

Tali's:  magnet graffiti installation on the string bridge.  interactive and non destructive street art .

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